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$10 for 15 minutes.

$15 for 20 minutes.

$20 for 25 minutes

$30 for 35 minutes.

$45 for 50 minutes

$55 Love Cleansing.

$65 Spell Of Your Choice.

$75 Full Body Cleansing.

is your love real?

do you feel negative energy around you?

have you been cheated on?

will you get that job?...

i will answer any questions you have. i’m blunt and honest but you can also find a friend in me. i’ll be here for you whenever. after our first reading, you can call back for free advice or another question. i’m here for you whenever you need help. i’ll ease you’re mind for the rest of the days.

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i’m a 11th generation native american. i was born with the spiritual gift to see the past present and future. i studied in western tibet in a Buddhist temple for six and a half years strengthening my spiritual abilities. and working very closely with my 103 year old grandfather chief fox foot. i have 22 years of experience doing readings in person, over the phone and thru the internet. i am the first female of our tribe to have the spiritual gift in 126 years. one of my unique abilities is to communicate with your spirit guides giving you a 100 percent accurate reading.


at the age of 5 years old my psychic gifts starting to reveal themselves. at the age of 13 my parents gave me the option of blocking my spiritual abilities or strengthening them. i choose to travel to western tibet with my grandfather cheif fox foot and my training began. since 22 years i been lucky enough to provide my services to people all over the world. my gift has allowed me to help people find light in their darkest hour.

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