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Clear, accurate readings. No hype, no judgment as I look into what you are seeking truth about.

I assist you in Cutting through the confusion and focusing on what is real. Genuinely concerned about all who are drawn to me and in need of help. I promise to use all that is available to me to help you through your situation and show you a new light on the situation you are now in. Finding the best possible path for my clients while honoring their free will is my most important service.

When asked, I can and will offer you solid solutions to your problems that have proven their worth.

The Power and the Magic is Within You to change that which you wish and draw to you that which you desire.

Love, Romance and Partnerships are my specialty, but not there is no limit to where the connections reach.

Come to me now and find the answers you are seeking. Decide your future choices with insightful wisdom to change that which you desire.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

LightRae has been a student of the Light and Life since the age of three, and has had intuitive abilities for well over 20 years.

Lifelong studies through courses, seminars, workshops and self study in metaphysics, Gnostic’s, mythology, various Christian religions, Pagan and Witchcraft and Wicca, occult, holistic and energetic healing.


LightRae has worked on various online adviser and expert sties, phone lines, in metaphysical shops and at fairs for over 20 years.

LightRae is familiar with all metaphysical tools for divination and energetic enhancement and the tool of the period or cycle will change according to the client’s wishes and the condition of the environment.

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