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-Very Fast Typist;’ - Intentions, feelings, expectations of the person you’re interested in.

- Intuitive advice on the best course of action so that you bring about the desired outcome.

- The most likely outcome, depending on what holds the greatest energy at the time of the reading. Tarot can show the potential of a situation, so that you make wiser choices in order to get the results that you want or to avoid unwanted situations.

- Truth – before calling, please be sure you’re ready to hear it.

- Timing is always an estimate, exact dates, months or years cannot be given.

- Tarot can be channeled to give valuable advice, but it cannot make things happen for you. You are the Master of your reality.

- The more clearly formulated your questions are, the more accurate answers you will get.

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CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Tarot is a tool for guidance and inner reflection. Apart from their powerful predictive ability, the cards will also show you what is blocking you and what needs to be changed, before you can move ahead, towards a better or different future.

My main concern is to give you clarity and leave you empowered after a reading, whatever the cards may reveal. Thus, I will NEVER lie to you and I will NOT sugar-coat, because I know how damaging can be to be fed false hopes instead of the truth. Sugar-coating can only delay your healing.

All readings are confidential and I respect the privacy of my clients. *I do not address medical, financial and legal issues. * I do no cast spells.

DEALS:* You can use purchased minutes for multiple sessions! For example: if you buy 30 minutes, you can use it in 2 sessions of 15 mins each! Also check for monthly offers!


I’ve been a professional Tarot reader for many years and have built strong following online. In addition to giving readings, I’m also an author of ebooks and articles on tarot, YouTuber, and blogger. One of my recent achievements is publishing an e-book titled ‘Journey through Tarot – A Comprehensive Guide to Card Meanings,’ which offers an in-depth look into the world of Tarot, essential for beginners and advanced Tarot readers.

For many years I’ve been studying the physical and metaphysical realms. Cartomancy, Dream Interpretation, Physics, Astronomy, Eastern and Western Philosophies and religions. I have a deep knowledge of symbolism.

*For aspiring Tarot readers: I can give advice on how to read Tarot efficiently or I can interpret your own spreads in chat or via email (fee for email: €4 for each card)**

/-No refunds. There’s no 100% in divination. The future appears to be fluid, shaped by our every action. You pay for my time and energy -/

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