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Need an answer? Your situation will be assessed in a multitude of colors and tarot cards to determine your present perspective and the influential energies of your past, future, fears and hopes associated with your life. Learn what colors, crystals and chakras you need right now in order to align yourself with your body, mind & soul.

WHAT TO ASK ME: Love & Romance – What do I need to do before I start looking for a new relationship? How can I prepare myself for new love? To avoid old patterns, what colors can help me work on myself?

Work & Career – What colors do I need to add to my office space to ease any tension? I’m going to a job fair soon, what crystals should I carry for myself based on my aura right now? I manage my own business, what colors are heavily influencing my brand energy right now?

Life in General – I would like to know about my aura in general. Can you see any major colors in my aura that may be blocking my deepest desires? What can you tell me about my life in the next 30 days?

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Along with my post-graduate degree in visual arts and multimedia, I’m an active member of the World Metaphysical Association and certified in these areas:

Crystal healing Meditation NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) Light + Color science Metaphysical education Law of Attraction I’ve loved color energy all my life, but experienced the healing powers of color firsthand when I was in high school wearing my beloved orange scarf to survive the trauma of emotional + mental abuse. After years of research, practice and expanding my own soul path, I began coaching others with the power of color. It led me to creating my very own color oracle deck.


Bernard Charles, registered metaphysician of the World Metaphysical Association actively uses his intuitive abilities to manifest and unleash the potential in every person he meets. He performs intuitive card readings working with color, angels and traditional tarot to see clearly into situations for the highest good. In October 2011, he became certified in crystal healing where the world of gemstones and chakras aligned perfectly in his soul. Little did he know this once perceived hobby would turn into a daily lifestyle influencing himself and those around him to pursue a life purpose. A year after his certification, he later joined an online spiritual community called the Soul Path Tribe where women and men from around the world create twelve monthly goals and practice guided meditations in honor of a Goddess inspired theme. His talents as a card reader were strengthened over the months as he was chosen by the community’s founder to produce weekly color card readings for members as well as having a monthly color forecast reading published in The Soul Path Magazine. Bernard’s focus and attention on leading a happy and healthy life sparked an interest in pursuing a secondary certification in meditation so that he would be able to share the benefits and ultimately teach humanity how to live a better and more wholesome life. Today he enjoys drinking tea and dusting off his crystal collection.

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