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I am a clairsentient relationship specialist. My guides give me messages and information that will help you make the right decisions. I also analyze and interpret your dreams.

I also use Tarot cards, Aimée cards, cards of Daily Wisdom and a pendulum.

I am a Reikicounselor and I specialize in relationships, love, family, coworkers. I can also help with HSP, soulconnections and Starseed.

Do you want to be clear about your goals and how to achieve them? I can help.

You can ask me any questions about your quality of life and your personal growth.

I consult in English, Dutch, French and German. About time lines: they are almost impossible to give because the future isn’t set in stone. If I give you a timeline, it’s only a rough estimate based on the cards.

About predictions: I can only tell you what is most likely to happen. Will it happen for sure? Only the heavens can answer that. If you change, the future will change too, thank God for our free will!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I am clairsentient, I use Rider Waite and Aimée cards and Cards of Daily Wisdom, sometimes a pendulum. I also get messages and answers from my guides. I can send you Reiki to help you heal, open up and energize.


I have been working with cards and energies for 30 years now.

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Languages: English, Dutch, French, German

Media: Audio Call,

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