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I have several years of experience in psychic readings with repeat clientele that have been coming back for years due to my accuracy.


What I’m known for psychic readings with more than than just general info. Healing pain & suffering wounds I’m blessed with seeing, hearing & feeling spirit at 13 it all started.Predicting dates and times have been my thing for along time, I’ve guided friends,family , and complete strangers. I began doing professional readings as well as some healing after my journey on helping people. This over took everything in my career life, now this is my life and I truly love it! I read my clients based there energy vibrations "everybody feels vibes" by there voice and presence , name & d.o.b helps a personal connection . I’m very straight to matter of the heart no matter what it may be, family , love , career , and money matters. I’m devoted in my work helping others seek the answers they need, I am none judgmental open to several matters of life and I believe we are all here to help one another. I look forward to helping you answer all questions clear doubts and find the truth. Heart 2 Heart ** Twin-flameSoul MatesChanneling powerLife path* Destiny* Honesty* will help you understand your natal chart and answer life questions from it. I can tell you the deeper and more personalized interpretations of what aspects, planets, signs and other objects indicate for your past, present, future and personality.

Example questions: 1. Will I Get Married 2. What does (planet) mean in my chart? 3. Will I be rich? 4. What is the best career for me? 5. What will my future significant other be like? 6. How am I in (area of life—example Love, Career, etc.)? 7. What are my strongest challenges and strengths? 8. What is my purpose in life?

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