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i am hare to help u in all area of life i do not need tools and do not need info can do with out if u are open to the turth then this reading is for u allow spirt to move in all area of your life get ready no ur not alone call me no tools no info neede


I am a natural born psychic with four abilities to help you in all areas of your life my gifts include clairvoyance/clairaudience/clairsentience/Clair cognizance I also use intuition to help guide you in all aspects of life for over 30 years now I have been using my gifts and abilities to help other find answers through spiritual guidance I can see past present an future events and can pick up on the energies of people places and things and tell you their true feelings intention thought of you and them I connect to the hearts and souls of all people involve I can see into the hearts and minds of the ones in question and tell you were the relationship is going what area in your life spirt is guiding you in if you are looking for answers or seeking clarity on any situation regarding relationship love work marriage/career/business/family/separation twin flame soulmate can do time frame don’t tell me anything ill tell u all

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I am license and certified in the state of California & Naveda


I have 30 years of experience and have been able to connect with energies surrounding people places and things naturally gifted with clairvoyance clairaudience clairsentience this means (seeing) (haring) (feeling) (knowing) seeing past present future. if you are seeking advice on your love relationship marriage family career work all area and aspect of life i can guide u through these area so no matter what is currently going on in your life I can pick up on the information giving to me from spirt because I am able to communicate in the spiritual world and hare the message they have for u that I receives just to let you know I do not ask for info in my reading do to the fact that spirt confirm the reason to me so I am a no tools no info psychic. please note that all reading are final and refunds are non-negotiable No FREE READING once you higher me to do a reading all Commnication will be reported to bit wine and PayPal that u are responsible for the service u receive

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