Dr Sunny Marie

Dr Sunny Marie


Visionary Specializing in Prosperity,Soul mates,Twin Flame,Life Purpose/meaning.Extraordinary Visionary! Relationship Counselor MA,LCSW. Her warmth,integrity and honesty compliment her amazing God given gifts.prophesying Guidance, Through her own death experience.No Mind Games, direct and right to the point! No free sessions/refunds. Relationship Counselor,Marriage,divorce,Spiritual Counsel,Life Purpose.I prophesy,Prophesying comes from God).Providing you positive reassurance,backed with truth,Integrity,resolve,and resolution! My Rates are not cheap because…I’m worth it. If you really want help,Contact me.I don’t do general far to deep for that!I go Straight to the Heart/Soul!(I Offer an online study program mentoring Universal laws,ask me for details).Integration of Universal laws into your Relations,life & Love.Remember,Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers,the believers and thinkers,but most of all,surround yourself with those who see greatness within you and God! God Bless Dr Sunny Marie

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:
  • Therapist/Analytic Behavioral Specialist,BS, MA, LCSW Counseling for your Mind,Spirit, emotions.
  • Verification and mentoring of Soul mate relationships,there purpose in your life, is it for life! Clearing unconscious limiting negative mind thoughts limitations from within. I provide coping skills with in depth direction to go forward and grow in your relationships as a spiritual being, your intended to be!
  • Teacher/Mentor Universal Laws, Understand that the Universe is always listening to everything you think, feel, and say! You are a Creator, you create through your thoughts. Your mind is a battery force, capable of unbelievable tasks, and seeming miracles out of nowhere! "as a man thinks,so shell he become!"
  • Registered Parapsychologist: In depth studies in paranormal entities, analysis in private dwellings and removal of spirit and poltergeist activity and paranormal activity.
  • Certified in Meta-psychical studies,at the Institute of metaphysical Sciences, Orlando Florida
It is indisputably clear, Dr Sunny is intended to be here with us! Known around the world, and lives her life devoted to teaching, what is your life’s purpose. To clearly hear, and act on our higher spiritual truth. When you allow spiritual integrity to be your Guidance. You can rely and lean upon this healing power to protect you in all aspects of your life, regarding business relationships family, friends and intimate partners. This protection and direction is here for all of us, for your healing of your Heart, spirit, health,and prosperity, your SOUL. We did not come here by our self’s! Without Universal Divine Guidance, direction and a purpose of being. We are not alone here on the earth, and we do not leave alone! The Divine and all the Great Masters and guardians are here with us. All the time! Dr Sunny in all of these major life-altering experiences has been guided to look at mainstream psychology from a whole new perspective. Her natural born clairvoyance added in bringing forth clarity and insight, providing a new approach combining her background in psychology with her Spirituality. Divine and directed Instruction to help mankind alike. Dr Sunny is here to help you, in Spirit, emotion, mind, and body. She will offer you truth with clear direction ~ She does not predict ~ She Prophesies, there is a big difference, for all your life struggles,situations!
  • Depression
  • Grief counseling
  • Relationships
  • Prosperity
  • Spiritual enlightenment and guidance
  • In depth insight to parenting support
  • Couples counseling and beyond.

Your journey begins here! Leave uncertainty, conflict and confusion behind. I will show you how… I am here to help you! With highly evolved spiritual integrity and enlightenment. That will inspire you, enhance your creativity, enthusiasm, ingenuity, and confidence so you can live your life as you have been intended too! In the relationship you want and desire, achieve the prosperity you deserve, the loving partnership you wish for, along with inner peace, and happiness. Today is the beginning of something wonderful happening in your world, it is the day you come face to face with the "I AM" in you! I am here to help you get there, and that is what I will do! I’m Now Online, or arrange a callback with me.My rates are not cheap,but, plane and simple I am worth it!and then some .God Bless. Ask me about Mentoring Program teaching,Counseling services, integration, and applying Universal laws into your love and life!I am here to help you!And I do just that.

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