Hi, I’m Cate, an expert of Lenormand and Gipsy cards, plus: I’m a deeksha giver. When you have serious problems what you can’t move on with, you should ask for deeksha at me. Deeksha is from India, and it means blessing and block removing – It’s a huge powerful help. When I send you deeksha blessing you will feel how more possibly calm your can be. After the session you will need to relax for 15 min.

The two decks ( Lenormand and Gipsy card) amend each other well and can give you a precise answer for any problem areas of your life, EVEN with exact time. They can also give an advice regarding the best solution for a situation or when you have to make a decision. We all can run into situations in life when we have to make up our minds and or when a good advice can help all of us greatly.

You can also ask my advice regarding to love, personal relationships, work, carrier, finances, or any other specific areas.

Have a blessed day!


CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

- deeksha giver - lenomard tarot deck. - I ching advice. - Mantras for fix your life. - Numerology - Osho Zen oracle message. - Numerology - Angels message. - Pure tobacco.

I can guide u in:

- Love. - Relationships. - Job. - Addictions. - Money issues. - Depression. - Stress. - Life path - Health.


I have 20 years of experience in readings face to face/online, I was a psychic of a live esoteric TV show and a tester of a today multimillionarie online company.

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Languages: english , hungarian

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