Celtic Cross Tarot Card Readings


Before our reading, I will request some explanation for the area of your life where you’re seeking clarity, during which time my cards will be versed with your situation at the same time as I am. I will then walk you through each card as I lay out a traditional Celtic Cross spread, explaining their individual meanings and bringing out deeper messages, as well as providing a personal and detailed translation for their positions and relation to one another. I will not gloss over negative messages if they present themselves, but I can assure you that my deck has NEVER given me unpleasant news without also providing accompanying advice on how to alter such an outcome.

It’s important to me that anyone seeking guidance from my cards comes away with total clarity and the confidence and answers they need to shape their future. I keep my price low because it’s important for me to hear what you have to say as well!


I have been studying Tarot and palmistry for 10+ years, and reading Tarot to help guide others using a traditional Celtic Cross for 2 years.

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