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TWIN FLAME READINGS! Get the complete spiritual psychic reading online for all the answers with love, relationships, career and more. Trained by descendants of the Essenes.

Get an all-in-1 spiritual psychic reading. Ask questions on any topic (personal or collective) that you’d like answered – and the answer will be channeled via mediumship through my guides, celestial friends, archangels and/or your guides, celestial friends and/or guardian angels.


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  • Mediumship Reading and Connection
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6 Jan 2023 "Very in-tuned and accurate explains lots of details…"

2 Jan 2023 "Detailed and compassionate…"

1 Jan 2023 "always such an amazing insight"

4 Dec 2022 "Extremely Connected. Beyond Gifted. Highly Recommend."

20 Sep 2022 "Boom! Amazingly gifted reader with incredible insight and details. Thank you!"

16 Mar 2021 "You were correct. Thank you."

7 Feb 2021 "Michael picked up everything with hardly any details from me. Everything made sense."

21 May 2020 "...grateful for the surprise from a past loved one who has given me many messages in the past. Thank you for sharing your gift."

05 Apr 2020 "...very professional and will provide feedback from a place of not taking anyone’s sides but facts in itself."

07 Dec 2019 "As an empath and reader myself. I will return to consult with Michael. A true gift. Thank you. And the written details. Amazing."


01 Dec 2019 "Gave a clear insight on issues that I have not even mentioned about. An amazing energy reader."

11 Nov 2019 "The reading was accurate, clear and resonated deeply. There was no time wasted and the energy is very authentic; no word is wasted."

29 Sep 2018 "Fast, kind and honest in-depth reading."

25 Aug 2018 "I first spoke to Michael in 2015 and he was just as accurate then as he was today. Such a beautiful spirit!"

21 Apr 2016 "if you really want to be able to connect to your guides and hear what they have to say, his wisdom and insight is truly impeccable. You can ask vaguely about a situation in your life and still get the perfect insight/advice, without moreso of the values judgment of others."

26 Feb 2016 "What I really like about this reader honestly is the fact that he did not try to sell me any spells nore tried to sell me any negative block removal systems and that he was straight to the point he actually gave me an actual reading into my situation which is in my book very commendable and he was very good and very accurate with my situation I want to say thank you very much to this reader and God bless him!!!"

31 Oct 2015 "Predictions made one week ago came true as he mentioned!!!!"

02 Feb 2015 "This is my second time back and i must say he left me absolutely speechless with this reading. He put things into perspective and helped me understand everything that was going on! Amazing!!!!"

10 Dec 2014 Mr Kemo in my opinion was exceptional because he got straight to my question, he provided detailed factual information AND why this was important for me to know.

03 Nov 2014 "This reader spent a lot of time with me and delved into past life issues to help me gain higher perspective on what has been going on in my life lately."

11 Sep 2014 "ave constructive advice to follow. deep and long answers. definitely not a "quickie" sort of reader. much appreciated."

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