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❤️Featured Reviews:❤️ "...been going to him about the same situation for a few months now…and he’s never let me down…I don’t know where I’d be without all the insight I’ve received since I found him!"

❤️FEB 2024❤️ "just amazed at the level of accuracy and also care with which the messages were delivered"

❤️JAN 2024❤️ "...got a load of information…as well as guidance…to specific dates."

❤️DEC 2023❤️ "Such a genuinely authentic connection and accurate…"

❤️5 DEC 2020❤️ "...seriously this was one amazing and mind blowing reading… If I had not run out of funds would have stayed for hours. Every aspect of this reading had me in awe of him, and resonated 100%. Worth more than excellent."

PROFESSIONAL TYPIST✨ I communicate with speed and accuracy.


CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

❤️ With my abilities and specialized techniques of divine sciences (Astrology), concentration, tarot, meditation and spiritual work – I’ve assisted many, over the last 14 years, in successfully navigating love and relationships, including love crises, forbidden love, lost love, and extramarital affairs, to name a few.

Feel free to reach out to me, regardless of the complexities of your situation, for authentic guidance. It can be about relationships (current, probable, or possible/timeline), career, goals, spirituality, or whatever it may be that you seek guidance in.

This is a JUDGMENT-FREE zone. LGBTQ friendly .

Credentials and Qualifications: ❤️ Tarot reader, advanced professional astrologer (timelines, aspects, dignitary influences etc), dream interpretation specialist, student of the mystery schools, and starseed.

⭕⭕I am also well versed in dream interpretation⭕⭕


⭕With over a decade of experience of doing readings, and an inherent gift from Great Spirit, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to offering genuine guidance backed by my profound experience with the Divine Science of Astrology, Tarot, Channeling, and additional techniques passed down as part of my training with descendants of the Essenes.⭕

I’m not just a spiritual advisor; I’m a relationship specialist, able to provide clear insights about partner faithfulness (is there truly someone else?) Yes/No? marriage timing, and helping you interpret the complex emotions and actions of your partner.


roaa_k / 09 Nov 2019 "One of / if not the best reading i ever had with a psychic. Very deep and detailed . He is very accurate, i keep confirming the accuracy of the information he is giving me during the reading. He reflected a real psychic image and im really impressed with his insightful reading. I highly recommend him. I believe that the negative reviews was from ppl who didn’t want to accept the truth!"

elle1986 / 26 Jul 2018 "Proteus Michael Kemo is by far the most highly evolved spiritual adviser I have ever consulted with, and I have consulted with A LOT. I went on a bitwine spree a few years ago and realized there were only two or three who actually helped my spiritual evolution, and he was number one. I reread his readings from 2016 and they still resonated perfectly for me. As a matter of fact, things he said that didn’t make sense to me at the time, all clicked together and seem so obvious in retrospect."

cmalibu1 / 10 June 2015 "This was BY FAR the best reading I have ever had. He is very descriptive with his visions and what he was sensing. So that each detail could come through the reading. Incredibly kind, fast typer, and non-judgemental. Different from EVERYONE else on here!"

imaginaryone / 15 Dec 2014 "I have been using psychic, mediums for many years now because I believe in their gift and value the guidance they have to offer. However like in all things some are more gifted than other. Mr Kemo in my opinion was exceptional because he got straight to my question, he provided detailed factual information AND why this was important for me to know. Outstanding. 5 stars please do not hesitate to give him try."

thatssoashli 02 Jan 2015"One of the most enlightening chats I’ve had! Fast typist, very detailed, caring reader. Totally spot on with everything going on in my life and helped me understand why things are happening the way they are. Gave confirmation and read my mind to exactly how I was feeling. If you haven’t tried this reader, you are definitely missing out."

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