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Michael Kemo

❤️Love Specialist❤️Dream Master❤️


✨11+ Years Of Clarity✨

My readings shall assist you in manifesting better relationships and a powerful life. I have been taught, from childhood, about the building blocks of reality. Additionally, as a proud graduate of the Arthur Finlay College of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences Class of 2009, I have become well versed in accessing the Akashic Records, known as the Book Of Life.


I channel Great Spirit to provide you with accurate, and empowering information for guidance in love connections, family, career, etc.


❤️I do not need tools. By request, here are some specialized readings that I am happy to provide❤️:

⭕Tarot Card Divination⭕ By request, this tool can be incorporated.

⭕Mediumship⭕ These readings focus on spirit guides, multidimensional guides, relatives, and their messages for you and your situation.

⭕Dream Interpretation⭕ Decode the hidden messages from the depths of your Inner Being.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

✨Happy People✨

15th Mar 2023 Very deep reading.. you can feel that he is a real one, not just trying to guess or answered question from your own word. Highly recommended!

25th Mar 2021 So incredibly kind and patient from the very beginning. He tuned into my situation perfectly and picked up on key energies about my situation and made sure all my concerns were addressed not only in detail, but in a way that was clear. I wasn’t left trying to decipher obscure messages or pieces of advice. Definitely would connect with him again. Highly recommend— he’s the real deal!

15th May 2021 "First off Michael has to be one of the most sweetest advisers I’ve ever spoken to. He was extremely accurate and has given the MOST DETAILED answers ever. He even added extra time for me to look into my situation with lots of care. He does not sugar coat and only tells the truth. I will definitely come back for another reading. He does not waste time! Thank you so much Michael"


7th Jan 2021 "Every reading I have had with Michael has been so accurate. If you are looking for the truth, he is going to give it."

02 Dec 2014 "...He was very accurate (with no feeding), very helpful with suggestions, and was very generous…"

11th Mar 2023 "Lovely reading fast to the point."

25th Feb 2015 " A rare and priceless counselor and spirit friend

2nd Mar 2023 Really placed things into perspective. I appreciate it immensely! And very quick typist as well!"

22nd Jan 2023 So much info,... be ready and buckle up r seat belts, because you are here for a real ride. Very connected to the Guides. A very unique and gifted advisor

12th Sep 2022 Writes so quickly and in such detail great picture and summary

09 Nov 2019 "One of / if not the best reading i ever had with a psychic. Very deep and detailed . He is very accurate, i keep confirming the accuracy of the information he is giving me during the reading." ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

29 Sep 2018 "Fast, kind and honest in-depth reading."

25 Aug 2018 "I first spoke to Michael in 2015 and he was just as accurate then as he was today. Such a beautiful spirit!"

21 Apr 2016 "if you really want to be able to connect to your guides and hear what they have to say, his wisdom and insight is truly impeccable. You can ask vaguely about a situation in your life and still get the perfect insight/advice, without moreso of the values judgment of others."

26 Feb 2016 "What I really like about this reader honestly is the fact that he did not try to sell me any spells or tried to sell me any negative block removal systems and that he was straight to the point he actually gave me an actual reading into my situation which is in my book very commendable and he was very good and very accurate with my situation I want to say thank you very much to this reader and God bless him!!!" ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

31 Oct 2015 "Predictions made one week ago came true as he mentioned!!!!" ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

02 Feb 2015 "This is my second time back and i must say he left me absolutely speechless with this reading. He put things into perspective and helped me understand everything that was going on! Amazing!!!!"

10 Dec 2014 Mr Kemo in my opinion was exceptional because he got straight to my question, he provided detailed factual information AND why this was important for me to know.

03 Nov 2014 "This reader spent a lot of time with me and delved into past life issues to help me gain higher perspective on what has been going on in my life lately."

11 Sep 2014 "Gave constructive advice to follow. deep and long answers. definitely not a "quickie" sort of reader. much appreciated."

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