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Untangle the strands of your fate!

Need some direction on your journey? Want to know what forces are at play in your life?

I can assist you in becoming active in your own outcome instead of being a passive victim of fate.

Find out what is hidden from you in the situation you are facing or even in your own heart.

Weave the web your want.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

FLAT RATE SPECIALS: Due to the nature of these readings they are paid for up front, I do the work offline, and send you the results after which we have a follow up session. You must be a member to take advantage of these.

Life Path Reading $150.00 In depth Tarot Reading. You will be given a write up of the reading and interpretations, and one follow up session either through email or here for 15 mins.

What Spirits Are With You $75.00 I will determine what spirits are accompanying you right now and deliver any messages, if any. These may include totems, angelics, ancestors, and/or nature ones. The results will be sent to you and an email or 10 minute follow up provided.

Crystal Ball or Mirror Scrying $50.00 Symbols & 10 min follow up.

Animal Communication $60.00 Email me for details!

ADDITIONAL LIMITED WORKINGS FOR FLAT RATES: Candles prepared and burned for you along with personal divination, prayers, etc. Email me for details and prices.


I am a psychic, a companion of spirits, a Tarot reader, an empath, an agnostic, and a mistress of magical arts.

I do psychic readings based on impressions and messages from various spirits through spirit communication. I have worked with Tarot for 20 years and may employ these or other oracular tools in my readings.

I am pet psychic with a special gift for locating lost pets.

I work with people everyday to help them understand their own natures and the reality of various situations they are facing. "Why" is more interesting than "when" (and often more useful).

I am currently pursuing a metaphysical PhD focusing on the paranormal, and am an artist and writer.

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