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In harmony with the 7 elements, I see auras and feel energies since I was a small child. Reiki initiated, reflexology practicer, Occult (shamanic and elemental magic rituals)practicer. should you need advise, someone to feel the flow of energy and help you heal a disrupted path please contact me. I feel it is my destiny to help souls awaken through these times of materialism and idolization of the Money God.


Healing of energy disruption through intuitive reflexology-reiki touch since age 4, my birth-father called me his lil magician as I was always healing his headaches with my hands on is forehead. Auras are felt since age 13, seen since age 25. sounds’ "auras" and colors are probably my favorite energy manifestation. I’ve heard the souls of people through their voices so many times and since so long I couldn’t put a date on it ! Opera singers are my favorite voices on earth so pure in their expression it’s like reading an image book for me, don’t even need to "see" the play with my physical eyes (it just doesn’t level with what I hear)

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