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Gifted George helping you in Psychic Readings Counseling Therapy(Life Crisis) no matter what the trouble is I am here to help you and guide you every step of the way.


Hello! The forces of the universe have divinely guided you to me. I know you may not feel 100% ready but trust me it is time.

I hope all of you are at peace and happy today and getting ready for a beautiful Gifted and Psychic experience.

Well, a bit about me: I am a Gifted Psychic from the age of 12 , I have discovered my gift and then from there on it has grown. I have been reading Professionally since the age of 18 and have been doing so ever since and have helped many find their paths and ways in life.

One thing I will assure you is you will not be disappointed with my Readings and you will feel at peace , after we have had our session’s).

One of my biggest motto’s and I try to do it all the time is to make you My Clients feel at home and at peace. I mean lets face it if you can’t have a Reader as a friend and confidant then why have one at all RIGHT?

Well Lets Get Started, Hope to hear and See You soon! :-) Love Your Friend Always, Gifted George

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Have worked over 30 years counselling and guiding people as well as a natural healer life coach relationship coach and business coach and helping them as well on my own personal site

Have also been a guest on various radio shows and had my own weekly live internet radio show broadcast.

DISCLAIMER By clicking the Accept Payment button, you agree to hire me for a counselling session, under the conditions of this Disclaimer. You are paying for the counselling time. The time and the information you receive cannot be undone, hence NO REFUNDS are accepted. In case of a charge back, you are liable for the charges incurred and your personal information and transcripts will be provided to PayPal.

Due to international laws and as an ethic and professional reader I cannot answer health related questions, Legal, pregnancy, talk about children like custody ect., spells and witchcraft, stocks and bonds or money or lottery questions. Career and love and life path general questions overall I can.


Hello! I am a Gifted Psychic From the age of 12. I have been reading Professionally since the age of 18. I do Tarot Clairvoyancy and Gypsy Cards also a medium , Angel Cards and many more other readings. Lets Get Started.

Over 30 years reading as a professional reader and lightworker. Been on live radio shows. Emphatic friendly, loving and caring that will make you feel at home and like talking to your bff. Natural born gifted reader who is clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentientand and can do mediumships as well as dream analysis and auras and palms as well as many astrological and numerology charts. My specialties include Breakups/Divorce Love/Relationships Career/Work Destiny/Life Path Money/Prosperity

Gifted George is a gifted honest caring psychic who can help you with all issues you are having now.

Naturally gifted also have a lot of experience guiding people from all walks of life and helping you feel at peace and at ease and most of all at home.

Friendly quick advice here when you need it and most of all I see you as a good friend and you can have a confidant in me.

Describe your areas of expertise. I can do pet reading a good medium healer clairvoyant and can do astrology and numerology as well tarot if requested but not needed. Also a good life coach and relationship coach for all relationship problems or personal problems one is having.

How long have you been aware of your abilities, and how have you developed them? since I was a teenager and they were naturally there so there was nothing to develop other then just understand them better and how to use them without being afraid of them to help others.

Name some specific experiences where you’ve used your abilities. Helped people find there lost pets or documents of importance. Helped people with pet problems and understanding there pets better. Helped couples work out there broken relationship.

What can a caller expect from a consultation with you? The caller can expect a warm honest kind and caring courteous professional. Who takes the time to listen to them and guide them accordingly with honest caring and loving advice. I am here to help you with any difficulties you are having right now from all walks of life. Give me a try today.

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