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Hello, I am a tarot reader and I pride myself on being very honest with my clients and will never sugarcoat. If there is news you would rather not hear, I’m sorry but I only deliver the truth, which in the end, is for the best for truth bring light.

I am a fast typist and will not waste anyones money or time.

I am here to offer you the best service I could, please let me know if there is something you do not understand. I want to make sure you walk away with a clear understanding of the reading.

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I understand in a reading, there may be things you do not want to hear and acknowledge, but please do not base your rating on this as it is not fair for myself or other readers. Don’t rate at all if it’s only based on not being told what you wanted.

After all, you are paying to hear what you need to hear in order to move forward. So please accept the truth as it is told to you. This will only better your life and yourself.


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DISCLAIMER;Tarot readings are never a substitute for medical, psychological, financial or legal counselling.For those suffering from any of the above, please seek proper proffessionals. The information in this tarot reading is never legally binding. I assume no legal liability for any loss, damages or other consequences for the clients decisions subsequent to, or based on my tarot readings. Tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only, the choices and futur events of your life is based on your own free will.

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