Byron Harold Gelman

Spiritual Life Consultant


I am from South Africa, born on the 23 May 1980. I use many forms of divination as well as a psychic ability to divine answers for people especially caught up in a reality they find themselves in that isn’t in keeping with their joy, excitement or preference. Help understanding how they may be contributing to the reality they are creating unconsciously. I can usually help others in any spiritual aspect they desire, providing guidance + working magic to actively program their success. I’m good with issues that deal with ones need for more self esteem, self love and acceptance. I’d like to open your eyes to the greatest gift that we take for granted. ...Magic! ‘real magic’ So come say hi to me, and let the mystery unfold. It is always exciting helping others discover their inner joy and connection to this universe of expansion and synchronicity. When you allow yourself to just take the time to look+perhaps truly see themselves in a new light. Until then. fondest love and regards to you. -Byron

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

High School, A-levels (Cambridge) including psychology, Graphic Design Diploma. Self taught in all the subjects I am passionate about from Divination, Metaphysics, Tarot, Crystals, Numerology, 14 years of self studied understanding of personality drives (The Enneagram) and many other spiritual aspects of life. Personal life experience and understanding of magic, synchronicity, power of paradox, which is part of my souls journey alive, active and well in my life. Psychometry and finally I feel I have reached the time in my life where I feel comfortable in being able to say I have definite psychic abilities. I am not a medium though, but I can still get small impressions from ones relatives who have passed over if you were really determined to ask or find out something from them. Shadow work is something I also have a gift for and in helping people learn, understand and work more with their dark shadow and in helping them see and courageously step more and more into their own light shadow.


I have always taken pleasure, and still do in giving my friends and family free readings. This was while I was getting experience and learning to trust my abilities. I have worked for ‘The House Of Isis’, the most well known establishment for spiritual knowledge and new age wisdom in South Africa. I have since found my psychic gift to really have blossomed and am forever grateful for all the blessings and teachers (physical and non-physical) who have always entered my life in love and with such perfect timing. I offer you wisdom in Self-Love and Self Understanding \ The power of choice \ Finding your path \ Remembering who you Truly are, always were, and will be again \ Relationships \ Shadow work and more. No question or discussion is off bounds. Strict confidentiality. Guidance in all forms. The Power of Choice in Manifestation and creating the life of your dreams.

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Languages: English

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