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Welcome to the first moment of the rest of your life. Begin now, living up to your potential by simply realizing how powerful you truly are! I’ve been sharing my divine inspiration of truth and psychic vision for many decades and I have empowered the lives of so many to live their dream life.

Now, you too can benefit from my psychic gifts that manifest from the healing powers of my Inner Circle work, and live the life that you would love to live and you so rightly deserve. Is your relationship going to work out? Is your lover being faithful? Are you searching for ways to bring more money and abundance into your life? Look no further. I have the answers to ALL of you questions!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

*Degree in Psychic Associaation Arts&Scients *


Psychic Medium, Master Intuitive, Emphatic, energy worker and healer. I conduct angel readings, love readings, past lives, tarot and runes and pentagram readings, I also have a strong educational background in science, which provides me with a well-rounded approach.

I deliver readings compassionately with my ability to inspire real understanding and transformation in individuals confused by their emotions, experiences, relationships and spiritual nature. I am very consistent with timelines for contact as well, which reassures and comforts everyone. I pride myself in being honest, accurate and kind. I’ve traveled thousands of miles around the world with the power of my gift. I can tell you what is going on in your current relationships and what will happen in the future.

From Clients ! WOW she is an anointed being,connects so deeply and profoundly. Highly recommended! Thank you so very much. She is super talented!

She is very detailed and helpful! She told me things about my life that were spot on. If you are looking for answers and spiritual guidance try her out and her prices are great!

Priscilla was very thorough in seeing my energies and the things and people around me. She picked up on subtle details that others miss! great reader, she is kind and patient!


Chakra Balancing $85
Reuniting Lovers $150
Reiki Healing $95
Tarot Card Reading $30
Crystal Ball Reading $65
Full Life Reading Which Includes past, present, future, love, business, all questions answered and advise on all matters $75
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