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Spirituality has been an integral part of Valorie’s life since she was a child. She grew up attending Association for Research and Enlightenment in the Appalachian mountains of Virginia. Valorie learned the art of tarot as a teenager and continued to foster her natural ability to tune in. She has recently given readings at the A.R.E. center in New York City and Awakenings in Katonah. Valorie has a divine gift and desire to serve others with a unique reading; a blend of visions and genuine insight to read her client and diagnose a remedy.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

BA in cultural Anthropology Certificate in Parapsychology


After some significant life events, believing in subconscious interconnection, reincarnation, spirit guides and unseen dimensions is unavoidable for me. I grew up attending Association for Research and Enlightenment camps and practicing dream interpretation, healthy community living, and meditation. These practices nurtured a divine gift to see into other’s lives; their qualms, their pathways and their possibilities.

I have given tarot readings for ten years now, and have always had 100% positive feedback. I was trained at the age of 12, at Sunburst in Westchester, New York. In adolescence I went to many past life regression workshops in Virginia Beach. These workshops opened my eyes to a larger universe and understanding. Although tarot does not directly tie into my work with Anthropology, understanding other cultures and travelling the world makes me feel more enlightened and connected to the source that gives us answers to our many questions.

After graduating Highschool I lived in India and Turkey and studied mystic branches of religion while teaching English in local communities. I took my studies to Asheville, North Carolina, and left with a degree in Anthropology and setup in new York. I’ve worked at Awakenings and at the A.R.E. center in New York City, but have found a new demand in remote viewing, and my ability to comply with that need. I hope to expand my practices and channel clear guidance to those online who seek solace or clarity. I am here to serve! Blessings!

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