With this god given gift, Psychic Penny has the ability to read more into areas that you cannot. With over 20 years of experience, i have been at the same location for over 10 years. I am the “Original Psychic Penny”. Penny has clients that span the world and love the fact that my help is confidential and uplifting. Once i take a case i will sacrifice anything in my will power to complete and satisfy each client. i have the power and capability to give you insightful answers and details in love, career and finances .i will advise you on the right path to take and guide you to your true destiny in life. i am very honest, upfront and loyal. I can help you figure out how to reach your goals and will make you aware of your weaknesses and strengths in life and reveal your true purpose. Once you know your true destination you can attain what you have always been searching for. Everyone is concerned about a set of basic things in their life. These include love, career, health, children, family, creativity.

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I have my own shop for almost 20 yrs. Helping those in need of guidance,advise and a genuine psychic for help on all matters of life is somthing I truley love to do. I am truley gifted with my psychic ability GOD has blessed me with. if you need any ,advise future insights or even just a friend to help you get through the tough obsticals of life then dont hesitate to chat with me! I’m here to help!


my gift has desceded to me from four generations.i have been gifted for over 15 years. since my young years ive been in practice with my mother & grandmother. YES i am a trueborn psychic and have been helping others since! chat with me today and you will get rid of all your doubts, worries and questions tomorrow!

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