Lindsay Erin

Experianced Psychic Empath Readings! guaranteed accurate and true


I am an experienced gifted psychic, I knew i was gifted at a very young age. I am a empathic psychic. I have been doing readings for over 10 years to the public in Colorado. My clients are all repeat clients because my readings are accurate and true. I do my readings by getting in tune with you and your spirit guide and passed away loved ones to relay messages and future events to come. Let me do a reading for you to find out what life has in store for you! I do give discounts for repeat clients and new clients. Everyone gets a discount. I don’t feel you should be changed a arm and a leg to speak to a psychic.


I have been helping clients and giving readings for over 15 years. My clients enjoy their readings with me because I’m honest and accurate. I come from a long time of psychics and have been studied extensively with renown psychics. I was learned at an early age how to interpret these messages and visions i was gifted with.

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