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I’m Claircognizance, meaning the ability to know something without receiving it through normal or psychic senses.



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Many Blessings to you all.. ~ Star Del Mar ~

" Don’t let the sadness of your past and the fear of your future ruin the happiness of your present "


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My name Is Estella or as many know me by Star.. As a young child I could recall many nights that were unexplainable. I never understood why i could see or hear odd things that know one could. My nights were always full of odd sounds and my only source of comfort was a Blue Jay that would come to my window and stay till i fell asleep. As i look back i recall my mother at times calling me " LA BRUJA " meaning The Witch cause many thing would happen after i said they would. As i got older I learned to push what ever it was i had to one side and slowly it faded away. Now as a grown woman and mother of 4 wonderful children, I end up finding out that 2 of my own daughters are gifted and that has reopen those doors i once closed.

As an adult now i have reconnected with the spiritual side of myself and have worked closely with both of my 2 daughters. Now we are involved with a paranormal team and we are out to find those answers we all seek. As a Professional Photographer/Cinematographer I feel its is one of my duties to document all that the eye cant see..


Im Aztec and Mayan descent from my mother. Growing u, part of my childhood i end up in Mexico near " EL VOLCAN DE COLIMA ".. The Volcano of Colima. This location was considered a very sacred location for my people as it carries a lot of spiritual energy. My Totem, Animal spirit is " THE BEAR " for i imitate her wisdom, courage and strength.

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