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Are you seeking spiritual guidance and inner knowing? From time to time, we all need answers. Usually, those answers are right before us… Share you concerns with me, and I will guide you through the signs that point to healing.

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I have been blessed with natural intuition, wisdom, and inner sight. As an Old Soul, I have found great solace in the teachings of Shamanism, Gnostic Christianity, Dream Symbolism, Metaphysics, Native American Spirituality, Numerology, and Animal Medicine, Reiki, New Age and Modern Spiritual Healing. This wealth of combined knowledge creates a solid foundation when interpreting messages from within.


I have given readings for others my whole life. I seemed to do this naturally as a child. Friends sought me out for advice, and I would not understand the depth of what I had shared with them until they came back to me, wide-eyed by the truth of what I had said. As I grew older and my spiritual studies broadened into ancient religions and modern metaphysics, I began to recognize, expand, and fine-tune these natural spiritual traits, giving readings to friends and then professionally online, at house gatherings, and by private appointments. I greatly enjoy connecting with people and look forward to sharing my natural skill set with you!

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