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My background spans 20 years as a professional Astrologer and I have gone thru a lot of personal struggles in my life, which has been my best school. I use my psychic gifts to predict and warn others as myself about future events, I have been practicing my abilities to the limit where my psychic decisions are the only weapon I have to survive, I know how to use my intuition and psychic gift to the top and that’s the way I offer readings to my clients all over the world, who are astonished with my accuracy and honesty. I am open to any situation you cannot see things clearly because you are emotionally invested. Let me be that spy and friend that you need to make sure you are gonna have a bright and prosperous future and not wasting your time in someone or something that could not end up working or let me guide you to convert your relationship or business in what you have always wanted to have. Often the smallest clues in our dreams can help us make major changes to our future.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I won the award for The Best astrologer and Tarot reader at The lifestyle Awards in India, New Delhi 2018 and 2021.

I have read hundreds of esoteric, psychology, sex, self stem, tarot, and many other books, that help my intuition and Astrology predictions.


I am 4h generation astrologer in my family, since I was a little child I remember how my grand father and father help people and start getting all the vibes and understand how its important to help people with their problems. since I have been trying to spy in every feeling and every little detail that a person is experiencing I can tell many details about a person just by the name and date of birth. I am recognize in many astrology organizations as a top astrologer and also I studied in Spain’s Tarot and Astrology.

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