I will tell you what is in their heart, mind, and soul ... Clear and effective, yet heartfelt, simply honest, accurate, spiritual advice.


My name is Tara, and I provide readings that reveal the knowledge and guidance I am receiving on your behalf from the spiritual realm … To that end, being more aware of another’s thoughts, feelings, and actions will give you a clearer sense and understanding of your deepest concerns and its emotional impact in your life. We are all uniquely spiritual, and in that sense, an individual may have different gifts, abilities, and pathways. Personally, for me, that means, I don’t hear voices or words, but I do have a clear sense of "knowing" and often will visualize an individual’s "aura" with its symbolic colors that will indicate and reveal valuable information to me. Being empathic, I pick up on your energy, and the others around you, through your emotions, name and sometimes your date of birth allowing me to feel and see your situation quickly.

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Above all, I am spiritually guided and take care to be compassionate, honest, and beneficial to those who engage my services as a reader and advisor … With much gratitude, many blessings, and thanks to all, Tara


I am a natural born Sensitive and intuitive Empathic. From the time I was a small child I was very intuitive and had a great knack for sensing people’s emotions and motivations. I also, on occasion experience seeing a ghost, or two or three, and can, through clairvoyance, see an individual’s aura which is significant for readings …

Keen reader since 2011

Tarot and Lenormand deck designer of the "Timeless Tarot" and the "NOW Lenormand."

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