Chely Wolfe

Spiritual Advisor


Chely is a compassionate reader who reads without tools. She depends on her animal spirit guide, a lovely white wolf she calls Snow.

Snow came to her at a young age, and guided Chely into becoming an excellent medium. Through Snow, Chely can connect to loved ones crossed over, assuming that loved one cooperates of course.

She can help guide you through lifes hurdles, tell you of past lives, things to come.

Also if you are interested in learning your animal spirit guide, she can let you know that as well.

She will also do a one card Arch Angel drawing, and has a cheat sheet where she will copy/paste the info so it does not eat into your minutes as she types it out.

She is a honest reader, who if she doesn’t feel the connection will let you know. She does sometimes have a blunt delivery style, but it is done in love as we know sometimes the truth isn’t what we want to hear.

She’s a seer and a healer, she will subtly send healing compassionate energy to you in each and every reading.

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