I am usually very direct and I do not go over the details, and if I see that things are not working properly I will talk about it. I think you are here to find things exactly as they are, directly and to the subject.

Spiritual Healer, Tarot Reader, Dream Interpreter, Soulmate Checker, Clairvoyant, Mediator/Healer.I do Numerology and Astrology as well.

My focus is a bit different than other readers you may have worked with, I’m here to help empower you to make the best decisions, breakthrough limiting belief systems and create the life you desire. Besides the skills that I have at the same time, your situation is clarified by tarot cards, by the astrogram and the personal matrix. Every detail, every answer is verified in all these sources.

Whatever it is that you are searching for it would be my honor & privilege to help you find it! I look forward to connecting with you! Be Blessed!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Degrees and Qualifications:

❤Natural Born Psychic Ability.❤Master of METAPHYSICS 1992❤Registered Clairvoyant Certificate1994❤Registered Psychic Certificate 1997❤Master in The Art of Tarot Reading 1998❤Registered Spiritualist Certificate 2003❤Currently studying for Doctorate of Divinity 2013❤Dream Interpreter for Over 20 Years.


15-20 years

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