Terry Mitchell

Predictions (I call them Events) Connected to Your Present or Future, Honest, compassionate, non judgmental using The Scrolls of Ara and Lots (Dice).



5 Insights/Events for $25

10 Insights/Events for $50

You must read the full Events disclaimer before calling

I do not offer Q&A as a service at this time

I do not read Tarot cards

Daily Discounts and Specials

Service changes coming soon

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:


10 Insights/Events for $85

You can add 10 more on whenever you want

Major changes to services coming soon including the very requested return of "Insights"



These are FUTURE Events or Insights (advice based on something I see you need to know), Often times I will even see a DATE attached to an Insight

In Nearly Every Reading a Name will come in but it may not be someone you know Yet, Again This is THE FUTURE

Events may not make any sense to your CURRENT life either, I may speak of a Job You do not currently have or a man you are not currently dating

Clients have reported events happening in as little as an hour to as long as 2 Years

Do not call if you want to hear about a Specific Person/Subject, Insights & Events are RANDOM SUBJECTS, That being said, I can look for 1 Person, I need their real first name and current relation to you but again NO PROMISES

I do offer clarification to explain what certain things mean but I cannot look deeper at the event

There are NO Refunds

I need to know your real first name, BirthYear, Sex (M/F) and Orientation (Gay, Straight, etc) and a code word so I know you really read this disclaimer, The word I need is: kre

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