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As a Psychic Empath, I have the ability to read the true and intimate emotions/thoughts and energies of others. This allows me to clearly see past the confusion, lies and uncertainty that many people experience within their relationships.

My reading style is similar to using a roadmap. I offer clarity, foresight and unbiased guidance based on your particular situation that helps you reorient yourself & overcome expected challenges so you can get your life and emotions back on track.

Please beware, I do not pacify with easy fixes or false hopes so readings are most effective when your heart & mind are open. I am here to compassionately help you make informed decisions from a place of personal power & positivity so that you can live an authentic and fulfilled life.

I do not provide timelines, they tend to create tunnel vision hampering outcomes.

❤️ is he/she cheating

❤️ will he/she come back

❤️ is he/she my soulmate

❤️ should I stay or leave

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I do not provide timelines, they tend to create tunnel vision hampering outcomes.

Charges are for the amount of time spent in chat & since we cannot un-chat, refunds are not provided. In case of a chargeback your personal information, site T&C’s and chat transcript will be provided to Paypal confirming charges are valid.

I am a professional reader who strictly follows an ethical code of conduct. As such, I expect anyone who comes to my page to conduct themselves in the same manner. I do not play games and I take defamatory or misleading reviews very seriously.

If I sense that a visitor (registered or unregistered) is trolling my page for a free reading using multiple accounts, is a person who habitually hassles readers for refunds and leaves damaging reviews I will immediately report you to Bitwine customer care which will result in your account being suspended or your IP address being blocked so you can no longer access the site.



Initiating a chat session with me confirms you have read and are in agreement with the above T&C and Code of Conduct.

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