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I have been attuned to First Degree/Level 1 Reiki and have had experience with Reiki since high school. Reiki translated means "universal life force energy". An Reiki practitioner facilitates the flow of the healing energy, acting as a conduit being the source and the recipient.

I offer distance healing with Reiki. and includes helping to relieve physical, emotional/mental, and spiritual fatigue. Reiki is also rejuvenating for the physical and spiritual bodies.

I can also remotely view auras, and am able to do basic aura interpretations. This can be insight into your current physical, emotional, and spiritual state of being. I can view the color and shape of an aura, as well as intuitive information from it. An aura is the reflection of our spirit/energy body and shows the state of someone in real-time.

Feel free to send me a message to set up an appointment or ask a question!

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Independent Reiki Practitioner


First Degree Usui Reiki

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