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Is your life crazy? Stressful times like holidays and changing seasons, not to mention much deeper experiences like the loss of a job, lover, or the passing of a loved one have a real way of turning your life upside down—often, of course, at the worst possible time. But there is a bright side: life’s ups and downs don’t have to drive you mad.

Whether you’re experiencing a specific, heartfelt loss or change or you’re just feeling totally crazed out of your mind, a Psychic Reading is your medium. Delivering in-the-moment insight, A Psychic Reading is designed to help you overcome troubling times in general, or specific situations you’re experiencing right now. By reflecting on the wisdom you receive, you’ll not only find clarity in your present situation, but a deeper sense of peace and calm in your daily life.

I don’t do fairy tale or pregnancy readings. Doctors need to do those.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:


Astrology/Parapsychology Degree Chakra Balancing Certification Intuition Certification Herbal Remedy Certification Usui Reiki Master/As well as other forms of Reiki Paranormal Investigation Doctorate in Divinity Ordained Healing Minister Numerologist Holistic Business


My experience is that I am a natural born psychic empath. I can naturally feel the thoughts, feelings and emotions of other people, groups and places. I have been like this since I was very little. I have 20 years experience and I have worked on a few sites and I have my own websites where I deal direct with clients.

My other abilities are

Animal Telepathy – The ability to communicate with (but not command or influence) various kinds of creatures. Think "pet psychic".

Clairaudience – Put simply, this type of ability is used to hear what is "inaudible". For example, someone with this ability could be a thousand miles way and "hear" a loved one’s cry of distress.

Clairvoyance – Usually confused with Precognition, this ability actually has much more in common with "Remote Viewing", True clairvoyance is not the ability to see into the future, but the psychic ability to see visions of that which is hidden or far away.

Clairsentience – In this instance the psychic has an insight or "knowing" of and a hidden or forgotten fact.

Empathy – The talent to sense the needs, drives, and emotions of another. As with Aura Reading, psychic ability can often reveal itself through the development of empathy.

E.S.P. – Extra Sensory Perception is the awareness of information about events external to the psychic that are not gained through the senses and not deducible from previous experience. Often used to describe clairvoyance, precognition, telepathy, etc…

Intuition – Similar to clairsentience, this is the power or faculty of attaining direct knowledge or cognition without rational thought or inference.

Precognition – Quite simply, "knowing the future". However, since time is a dynamic construct, no one psychic can ever know every detail about the future. Usually this ability refers to knowing general outcomes of specific courses of action, with occasional flashes of detailed insight.

Psychometry – Also known as "object reading", psychometry enables a psychic to pick up on psychic impressions (vibrations) left on an object by someone connected with it. Someone with this ability could use an unfamiliar object to reveal much about its owner.

Telekinesis – Also known as psychokinesis, the ability to move objects with one’s mind.

Along with

Reiki Healing/Chakra Balancing Spellcasting Remote Viewing

I have studied and taken classes in the following chakra balancing, spiritual aromatherapy, aromatherapy, intuition, crystals, tarot, palmistry, runes, paranormal investigation, numerology, astrology, crystals, herbs, medium ship, witchcraft, angels, channeling, and spirit house clearing.

I am currently getting a doctorate in Spiritual Healing.

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