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Top Rated Advisor providing insight on thought, emotion, agenda and direction. Gain clarity and guidance to move your relationship forward.


A psychic can tell you your future. A Witch can help you change it.

Not sure if you should stay? Wondering what they feeling and their true intention? Looking for guidance on how to move past obstacles? Want to know what to do the change the path ahead? You are not alone.

Readings illuminate the paths that exist before you and your relationship. I tailor my sessions to help you understand feeling, intention and the direction you two are headed. I help you to understand and employ all tools at your disposal to make necessary changes to move beyond obstacles. I rooted my readings in practicality as well-this means I forecast only 3-6 months ahead. After that freewill trumps prediction and you sacrifice accuracy. Additionally I do not answer impractical questions like "is he going to call on Sunday" or "will I get pregnant". I tell it like I see it. I don’t mince words, I don’t cater to ego and I will not tell a falsehood to keep you hooked to me to feed a dependency on hope in a hopeless situation.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:


Professional intuitive reader since 2001

Certified Metaphysical Practitioner-2012

Tarot Guild Certified-2012

Cognitive Behavioral Coach-2010

Master Certified Life Coach-2012

Past Lives Regression-2011

BA International Relations & Women’s Studies with a concentration in sociology and government policy-2006


I weave together my skills as a claircog (inner and innate knowing) and empath (connection to emotion, intention and agenda) along with Tarot as a means of helping to understand the psychological energies impacting both you and your partner. Because of this having your clear, specific questions is essential to not only ensuring efficiency but also satisfaction with your reading.

How Does A Session With Me Work? If I had a nickel every time someone asked me does it work? Your fee is up there, is it really worth it?

The answers are yes and YES.

You can pay half my fee with 12 different people and still get prediction that doesnt come to pass, hope in a situation that never realizes it or otherwise feel more confused than clear on what is happening and what you can do about it. I charge my value in what I provide and the level of dedication I have put forth in my 15+ years of working as a professional reader. I do not lower my fee, I do not tolerate rudeness because of it.

The one thing that’s required for a QUALITY reading is speaking to an experienced and QUALITY reader. Its not enough to be "gifted", we are all intuitively gifted. Its seeking a reader who has invested in his or her gift with certification, training and schooling that gives us the know how to work with that gift in a concrete, consistent and cohesive way so that its of use to you.

That’s where I come in.

As a professional reader both online and locally since 2001, I have provided thousands of readings and built a stellar reputation for my honesty and accuracy. I am the reader people come to when they are ready for absolute truth and real direction forward. When they want to know how to consciously design what they desire for themselves, not just what is ahead for them. Clients speak highly of my ability to empower even when delivering a difficult truth and my lack of judgment and emphasis on support. I am LGBTQ friendly and serve all who come to me with direct answers and absolutely no fluff.

Additionally I hold the following Certifications/Degrees:

Certified Tarot Reader;

Formally Trained Cabot Tradition Witch & Seeress; (Laurie Cabot, Salem’s official Witch)

Certified Metaphysical Practitioner;

Master Certified Life Coach;

Cognitive Behavioral Coach;

To give you the answers you’re looking for, I use:

My skills as an empath to feel your and your partners overall energy and intention;

In-depth Tarot reading expertise; Direct channeling & Energetic Work;

Suggestions for ritual and spell work for implementing change in your life;

Inner and innate knowing and sense of the past, present and future events;

Coaching techniques to help guide you forward with the insight provided intuitively.

Please note after our session you may experience the following symptoms of energy upgrade: dizziness/lightheaded; Nausea; High levels of energy and/or periods of extreme lethargy; Increased need to void; difficulty sleeping.

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