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$10 Special-
a lovers reading for 13 minutes
A Energy & Psychic reading focusing in Love   and relationships, career and finances 
       for 23 minutes
$50 Special-
A reading using Psychic & Energy 
that focuses in all walks of life
    in 30-40 minutes.
CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Soul Mate & Twin Flame Master

8TH Generation Psychic & Spiritual Healer

Professional White Whitch

Degree In Reiki

Expert In Meditation Healing

98% and over 15 Years experience

Worked with Crime Scene Investigations

Heard on several Canadian radio Shows

Featured in Toronto’s Woman Magazine,CP24 & LiveMuch


Jasmine is an 8th generation psychic Reader and Spiritual healer. With 18 years experience and a powerful 98% Accuracy, Jasmine has the ability to guide you through spiritually through dark and in unfortunate paths we face in this life time.

These can be anything from Fertile PTSD Abuse Adict Anxiety Love Problems Court Cases Financial Problems Lost Connections Negativity Karma

Or anything else preventing you from reaching your fullest potential. Jasmine can and will help…. \

Jasmine’s gift started to bloom at the age of 7. Right away she was showen how to perform a Tarot Card reading. Shorty After Spiritual Healing.

As time progressed and Spiritual Health has become to peek more peoples interest, Jasmine broadened her gift by introducing New Age Healing such as chakra , Energy and Crystal Healings while still also Performing more Ancient types of Spiritual Healing such as Ritual, Prayer, Sacrifice and Channeling.

Jasmine is also a Spiritual Healer, A gift of healing in all matters of life including Love Money Success Family Health Luck

Using tools such as Astral Projection Crystals Energies Spirit Guides Wicca & Ritual Prayer

Jasmine operates her readings by tapping into ones sub concious and exploring their emotions, thoughts and intentions. She also uses the gift of astral projection, ritual, prayer and meditation to explore each path and possible outcome according to the situation to determind the best possible path with less obstacles.

Jasmine can tell you about Jelious Friends Bad Intentions Evil Spirits Unbalaced Chakra Dark Aura Cheating Lovers Greedy Business Partner

Marriage Relationships Children Money Family Good Luck Traveling School Work

Jasmine is a very open minded person and for for the reading suggests you should be too!
Jasmine is non judgmental, passionate and straight foward . Conact her today for a better tommorow!
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