Psychic Derrek

Psychic Derrek


Degrees "Indigo Born Gifted Psychic & Spiritualist" Master In Divination" My Expert Service Indigo Born spiritualist i was aware of my ability at the age of 5 I would usually always feel a huge lot of mixed emotions especially at school because the mass amount of people surrounding me at first my family was worried I had depression or social anxiety my family & friends they discovered that im not alone in this there are hundred of people young and old that are psychic or indigo some im sure are not even fully aware that they are and because im gifted this way id like to help as many people that i can

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Using Special Alchemies Mantra Prayers of my own and of ancient goetic texts I can re-unite lovers , separate those who are not meant to be together , increase wealth , stop annoying addiction, give clarity on current problems or help guide you in the proper direction for future events I also specialize in removal of unwanted spirits demons or deities plaguing your life, I do work with spirits myself to aid me in a lot of these processes i do not work with demons or evil deities i invoke or evoke light spirits only angels archangels or beings of light i do this to gain information for my clients & help my clients .


Hello Im Derrek Im a Psychic & Spiritualist I have over 10 years of experience in Demonology & Energy Readings Tarot Cards,Crystal Readings,Palm Readings I’m very accurate in my readings I was born very in-tune with my spirit and ability since at a very young age i can sense emotions of people in my surroundings or spirits in my surrounding this is a phenomena called indigo many people are born with this trait and don’t really no it I’m just happy i understood my ability at a young age and put it to proper use i meditate at least 3-6 hrs daily this is training for one half the other half is to help my clients further i fast also during this time to become more spiritually aware to help those who need my assistance I’m constantly trying to hone my abilities more and more daily

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