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Any therapist or practitioner who is genuinely invested in your wellbeing will not aim to keep you in therapy for the rest of your life- that is not effective. My aim as a practitioner is to help you on your journey to empower yourself, to lead you to a point where you will not need therapy anymore, even from me. As each of us is empowered it actively makes this world a better place. A happy individual who takes care of themselves and is healthy on every level takes care of his/her environment and others. If you believe we are all connected and you treat yourself well, you will treat others with the same love and respect you treat your own self.

I use intuitive healing+Reiki+VortexHealing® and the use of angels and guides for the healings I do. I am absolutely and completely invested in each healing I do and totally dedicated to helping your healing process with any physical/mental/spiritual/emotional issue currently afflicting you.

Your body knows how to heal, I’m there to lend you some help.

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