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Archer One is a professional chart reader specializing in questions of soulmate romance, life’s purpose, karma, current energies and life cycles. He uses a combination of western, vedic, and Chinese astrology, numerology, energy cycles, fung shui, the Enneagram and other tools to craft a truly personalized reading focused on you and the issues you want to focus on. Archer has been doing readings for over 10 years. His main website is at: He is the author and publisher of the Soulmate Research system (

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Archer One began studying astrology in 1986 when a co-worker said she used astrology to find romance. Archer was skeptical but looked into it and was amazed at what he found. Over 25 years later he is still learning.

Archer has been reading professionally since 2001.

He is the author and publisher of the Soulmate Research System in 2004 (

His main website is at:


The majority of my readings end up focusing on one of three main topics: 1: Finding a soulmate or analyzing a romance 2: Who am I? What is my basic nature? What is my purpose in life? 3: What should I be focusing on right now? What energies are available to me in my current cycle?

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