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Guidance from your Own Higher Self


I am a second generation psychic and specialize in connecting to your own Higher Self to give you a bird’s eye view on your life and it’s highest purpose. Let me help you resolve any challenges, obstacles, or optimize opportunities that are currently present. I can also connect to the Higher Self of your loved ones, family, or friends for special messages.

By connecting to your own Higher Self, you can learn about your:

-Soul History and Origin - Life Purpose - Destiny vs Free Will - Areas that need healing - Life Lessons to focus on - Relationships, which ones are beneficial and which ones are not? - Opportunities for Growth - Spiritual Path and best methods for practice individual to you - Ways to increase your personal potential and income and improve your love life! - Have you met your soul mate yet? - Your near probable future. * $250 for special unlimited session emailed as an mp3. Just send names, questions, and brief description of matter *

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Second Generation Psychic. Psychic Medium. Attended Ivy League College. Regular Meditator


Have helped many people understand a deeper layer of circumstances of their lives and how to work with them in a positive and uplifting manner through channeling their own deepest wisdom! Anchored in years of spiritual practice and compassionate wisdom based on light and Truth.

I am an Alpha Centauri migration member and also can channel questions about the Ascension and planet Earth.


"Speechless… I’m very happy and grateful to you for the wisdom that has been presented to me and it was right on point! I’m sure this is just the beginning of great things to happen:-)" – Z.L.

"Thank you so very much for this. I just listened to it. It’s really so true. Its what I have been feeling from day one but never could put in words like that. THANK YOU!!!!!!" – S. W.

"Everyone in the fam enjoyed hearing the message. Thank you!" – M.C.

"Wow…. that was magical. thank you." – E.B.

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