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I will merely tell you what the tarot needs you to hear, I try to be unbiased but at times if clarifications are required, I tend to try to clear up the matter myself! I have been intrigued by the tarot since around the age of 13 and doing it ever since, I used to do readings for family members only, this slowly extended to friends, then friends of friends…then strangers! I do not believe in telling only the good news, I say what I am given, I resolved to doing the tarot just for myself due to anger and shock being received years ago due to my accuracy. Come on, have a try! Just don’t shoot the messenger! Horoscopes and astrology have been close to my heart for a lot longer than the tarot, obviously it is found that guidance with love matters is the most common queries so I have a lot of experience in interpreting this area as best I can.

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Blessed to be an Aquarian (",) I don’t beat around the bush, as said before, I only say what I see, if there is something wrong, there is always many possibilities for this…I will not blag, merely tell you why this is happening and follow up or reconvene if necessary


Nearly 17 years of tarot, personal study of astrology, mainly personalities was the intriguing part for me, I started curious, was told I was good at interpreting and realised there is so much more to them! I believe they always can guide us through life and it is amazing the way they can, I would love to do this for the rest of my life as it involves constant learning, helping people and something I really enjoy and admire

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