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"Waya Nana Boozhoo" Greetings from my Spirit to yours. I am Fourbearsstanding, an Ojibwa – Metis of the Whitefish Clan. I am a servant of the people and of the Great Spirit of All Creation.

Allow me to help you answer questions about your life. My people have been here for over 20,000 years and our ancient spiritual tradition follows the belief that all spirits cannot lie. Your spirit knows all that you will do in this lifetime. With the abilities of Spiritual Sight and Healing bestowed upon me by the Great Spirit of All Creation, I wish to help people search for peace, healing and balance in their lives.

I do not use any materials or assistive devices to do my work, I rely soley upon my gift of Spiritual Sight

I will take a minute or two with each client to ensure that I am able to make a clear and direct connection with their Spirit.

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