Serenity Rain

Spiritual Intuitive/ Energy healer


my services include: energy readings, chakra readings, angel readings and tarot readings.

Tarot Readings- Tarot readings usually take up to an hour depending on your situation and question. I use the tarot cards as a tool to really get an in depth understanding of what you are asking about and determine the best way to use them. Please note tarot readings do not answer yes or no questions and are used for guidance and insight into a situation.

Energy readings- These readings are very helpful and can offer you a way to really recognize, understand, and gain insight into your purpose And divine mission.

Chakra readings- This reading is all about you! i will connect with your 7 chakras and tell you what is balanced, what energy is blocked and how your energy is flowing.

Angel readings- with this i have angel cards that can give you information on how the angels are working in your life and what is also coming into your life at this time. I also do meditative writing.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I am a Certified Psychic, but i am also a full time student. I am currently taking classes for an associates of mind and body psychology, i have taken courses in life coaching, hypnotherapy, angel communication, energy anatomy, meditation and mindfulness, mysticism, and intuitive studies. Courses in energy work: Reiki level 1, 2, and 3 Courses in psychic development: Intuitive studies Mysticism mediumship


I am a spiritual healer and light worker who specializes in energy work, tarot readings, aura viewing, channeling, angel readings, and Intuitive guidance.

General Background: I was born with the gift of spiritual sight, Or at least that is what i am calling it! When this gift started to make an appearance in my life i began to see auras around all living things. Over time this ability has expanded significantly and i am now able feel other peoples energy, see symbols within their auras, and view and channel chakra systems for healing and clearing any blocks or disturbances. Although i was born with this spiritual sight i have trained rigorously for several years to develop more intuitive psychic abilities and have achieved this higher level of awareness with great success! I also have a talent for dream interpretation and deciphering spiritual symbols that i see or experience with clients.

Experience: I have been giving psychic readings for 9 years now and have seen auras for the past 11 years – i have always loved giving readings because i love to help people in any way that i can :)

Please note: i am in this business to help people and i really want you to know and feel that i am the right psychic to answer your questions so i am doing a free 5 min introductory chat before any charges start! This is so you can decide if i am the right psychic for you :)

  • After each reading i will send you a follow up message that contains all of the highlights and significant guidance/ insight from our session. I do this so you will be able to view this whenever you need it, but if you decide that you do not want this follow up please just let me know :) Also I can only send the follow up message to you if you are registered with this site.
  • i am 100% honest with all readings that are given, i do not sugar coat anything- you get what i see and while i do love giving readings and will make sure i am connected to you before ANY charges begin – i cannot give out free readings at this time.
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