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Intuitive SCORPIO astrologer for love &life advice

Let my Scorpio powers guide and nurture you.

Get emphatic, insightful & transformational advice anchored on the wisdom of the Zodiac.

Don’t be shy. I’m not scared of your emotion. Spill your HEART & I will give tenderness & truth.


Are you Heart-Broken? Wounded by Past Trauma? Need a Guide to Remind you of your Own Strength?

For astro-intuitive advice RIGHT NOW, sync with me!

I use your birth date, vibrations between us, and energy from the Universe to glean the mysteries of your personal astrology chart.

Your natal chart is like a spiritual thumb print, revealing answers to what you need to be happy and whole.

Let me help with:

  • LOVE
  • That exasperating SCORPIO LOVER IN YOUR LIFE!
CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

10 years experience in Astrology. (Self-taught).

Teaching license and experience teaching youth in psychiatric treatment facility.

Astrology writer since 2008/Professional writer since 1997.

Lay philosopher.


As a child, I possessed the ability to see into the metaphysical world, picking up on energy fields.

In bed, I would see the vibrating orange and gold energy which arranged itself in elaborate patterns.

I would point them out to my mom and she had no idea what I was talking about. Eventually, I realized I possessed a special, sensitive eye that peered into a world not everyone could see.

As I grew up, I had dreams that came true and words appeared spontaneously in my mind seeming from the Divine and not my own thoughts.

I was very sensitive to spirits and had to take great care so that they would not cling to me.

I was very empathic and intuitive. For example, I could feel what other felt, I could recreate other people’s reactions or illnesses or psychosis within my own body.

Often, even now, I like to just press my palms to the other person and just feel their energy and emotion, exchanging healing, sympathy or whatever the Universe allows.

As an adult, I’ve primarily funneled my intuition and metaphysical sensitivity into astrology, providing astrological-based counseling to friends and strangers.

When I create a chart, I sit with it and allow it to be an oracle. I try to sense it’s overall energy and wisdom. Rather than impose, I let the chart speak to me.

Nature teaches us and lessons are all around. The astrology charts can capture those lessons.

I personally at this time do not delve into interacting with out-of-body spirits or ghosts, preferring to concentrate on Divine exchange of wisdom only and leave those other spirits to their own realm.

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