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My clairvoyant abilities run from a very young age and I have used those abilities for over 10 years helping people who seek only the truth!, I’ve been blessed with a gift to help people through intuitive spiritual guidance and all walks of life, I enjoy talking to people and giving them the best advice, I can and will help you with all of your main concerns and questions such as: Love & relationships, Career/Business, Health, Family & Children. I specialize in Tarot, Palmisty, Crystal readings, Energy vibrations,Chakra blancing & Aura clensing. My gift revolves around listening, tuning into your vibrations, And then using my Intuitive Skills to answer your questions, I work by channeling your vibration to connect with you or the person you are asking about, And this process takes more time for some than others, I ask for your birth date NOT because I use astrology, But because I am able to tune into your energy much faster. I want my clients to feel better about thier situation by the end of every reading!

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I have been established with my own business since 2002, 2 successful locations, I am a true clairvoyant with real God given abilities! I can and will help you where others have failed!


Over 10 years of experience! My abilites allow me to see Past Present&Future, Having relationship problems? Finance troubles, Not sure of lifes direction? The anwer is waiting all you have to do is ask!

10 years

-Tarot cards

-Psychic readings

-Energy Vibrations

-Chakra Balancing

-Aura Clensing

-Crystal healing

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-Love & Relationships

-Sex & Marriage

-Career & Business

-Money & Finances

-Health / Well being

-Family & Children

-Life’s Diretion

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