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Ascended Visions provides quick and practical advice regarding any subject that is affecting your life. Loves Me? Loves Me Not? I can help! ☆✼★ PLEASE READ MY PROFILE BEFORE CONTACTING ME ☆✼★NO FREE READINGS☆✼★NO REFUNDS☆✼★


Accurate. Honest. ALL-CLAIRS PSYCHIC! 11+ years experience. Stop wondering and get answers NOW! I am sought-after on many of the popular Psychic Platforms due to my commitment to being a CLEAR CHANNEL for you. I work with the Angels and Ascended Masters to bring deep HEALING and peace.


Please provide your first name and dob and the names/dob of those involved during the FREE INTRODUCTORY PERIOD. Our FREE intro time is for you to tell me your questions. ALL FREEBIE SEEKERS and "TEST THE PSYCHIC" game players WILL BE BLOCKED and REPORTED!

My Specialties-

Destiny/Life Path Love/Relationships Energy Healing ALL-CLAIRS Psychic Abilities

Readings are for guidance purposes only. YOU ALONE are responsible for your future. No foreseen outcome(s) should be taken as a guarantee.


CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Reiki Master *Fast typer/Quick Chats I type in long paragraphs because once I pick up on the energy of your situation, the flow of automatic writing begins. So please don’t think I’m just trying to type slowly to eat up your mins, it’s just how the answers flow to me from our combined Spirit Teams. I may type in large paragraphs, but I’m doing so in order to get my point across as straightforward as possible to you before your time runs out. Please try to ask me just one question at a time. It helps me focus on the correct answer for you and allows me to give you more details. If we quickly hop between multiple subjects, don’t expect much depth!


Please don’t come to me if you have your mind set on only 1 answer or outcome. That isn’t how the Universe works. The sooner you learn that the better. Source energy assists those who help themselves and take responsibility for their actions with no entitlements. Also, please realize that no prediction is ever set in stone. There are outside influences plus the actions of others that affect nearly everything we do. What fun would life be if we knew exactly everything that was going to happen in advance? BOR-ING. That said, I can help you navigate the areas of your life that you’re having difficulty with. We all experience periods of "initiation" where our souls endure some sort of tragedy or hardship that ends up helping us grow as people. Sometimes we think we’re being punished for our past. But I’m telling you, there’s much, much more to "it" than that. Our lives are beautiful designs just waiting for us to step up and have a hand in its creation. I know that sections of my profile sounds harsh, but this is my full-time job and I take it very seriously. If you hire, please be prepared to have a 2-way conversation like you would with a friend.

11+ years as a professional psychic and energy healer.

TERMS & CONDITIONS In having a consultation with Ascended Visions either paid or unpaid the client customer is agreeing to the following terms and conditions. 1. Any client dissatisfaction must be brought to the attention of Ascended Visions within 12 hours. Past this time period it is acknowledged and assumed that the client is fully satisfied. 2. You accept and agree that all payments in respect of consultation with Ascended Visions are final and that neither myself or BitWine offers refunds. NO REFUNDS PERIOD. 3. Charges and Payment are made in respect to the actual time duration used consulting with Ascended Visions and not for the subject matter; which is subjective, personal and confidential. READINGS ARE FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. You understand that once you make payment for any and all transactions this is final and a legal binding agreement to retain my services for the duration of minutes provided. 4. You agree that you will not seek to cancel, chargeback, or otherwise seek a refund on any basis that is fraudulent, misleading, or untrue. You understand that if I am ever required to defend myself and appeal any chargeback claim submitted documentations, policies, links, terms of service, screenshots, logs and full copies of our transcript will be provided to both PayPal and BitWine. In cases where suspected fraudulent activity is suspected then similar details will be passed to the relevant law enforcement agencies, in both my country and the country of origin. 4. You agree and understand that you are subject to PayPal’s Terms and Conditions including Privacy Policy. 5. No matters involving minors, medical health or legal related issues will be discussed. For these such matters please consult the relevant professional.

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