Brighid An Lasair

Heart and Soul Centered Guidance


Brighid An Lasair is dedicated to providing honest insight with realistic solutions during all of her intuitive, healing, and coaching sessions. She works to connect you to your soul’s purpose and guide you toward its fulfillment, allowing you to reach the best possible version of yourself.

While the majority of her readings are offered on a per minute basis, there are also specialty readings available at a flat rate.

Specialty Live or Email Readings Offered

☼Twin Flame Readings – $75 – 9 cards total, 3 representing you, 3 representing your twin flame, 3 in reference to the obstacles preventing you from connecting.

☼Basic 12 Month outlook – $125 – 1 card per month

☼Extended 12 Month outlook – $175 – 3 cards per month

☼Basic Past Life – $75 – 3 lifetimes, 3 cards per lifetime

☼Extended Past Life – $125 – 3 lifetimes, 9 cards per lifetime

Distance Reiki is available at the same per minute rate as standard readings.

No Unregistered Users Please.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

☼ Ordained Priestess of the Universal Life Church

☼ High Priestess of Labyrinth Walking’s Moonlit Cauldron

☼ Certified Crystal Healer

☼ Sacred Stone Grid Certified Teacher

☼ Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Grand Master

☼ Crystal Reiki Master

☼ Celtic Reiki Master

☼ Brighid’s Flame Reiki Master

☼ Violet Flame Reiki Master

☼ Totem Reiki Master

☼ Kundalini Reiki Master

☼ Shambala Multidimensional Healing Master

**Please Note: Tarot readings and Reiki sessions do not replace the care of a medical professional. If you feel that your health is in question, please be sure to consult a physician.


Brighid An Lasair is a third generation Clairvoyant, Intuitive Tarot Reader who has been providing services professionally for nearly two decades. During this time she has offered services both online and in person through her shop, fairs, and events.

As an educator, Brighid has taught classes on witchcraft, reiki, meditation, and energy channeling. To add to her classroom experience, she also authored the book "Practical Magick: An Introduction to Witchcraft," which was released through self publishing in early 2016.

With a passion for natural healing, Brighid persued her study of Reiki and received her Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher certification in March of 2016 and Grand Master in December 2016.

☼ 19 years reading publicly.

☼ 13 years as an ordained Priestess.

☼ 18 years of experience performing home blessings

☼ 15 years of experience educating on Earth based faith, spirituality, energy work, holistic healing

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