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I have been a practicing psychic now for 8 years, and I want to share my gift and use it to help others find happiness.

I specialise in love and relationship guidance, being an empath and clairaudient, and will use tarot and astrology in my readings.

Essentially, what I offer is truth, honesty and understanding. From my experience of being a reader, and having readings myself, specific time frames are often inaccurate. Why? Free will. We cannot control free will, especially the free will of others. What I will provide though is clarity and insight – the truth about the matter in hand, the true feelings of the people involved, and the way this situation can progress in the future.

I am not going to bug you to buy supposed ‘love spells’ or anything. What I will tell you is the reality as I see it. I will not sugar coat anything. Even if it hurts, the truth is always preferable in the long run.

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I may be new to Bitwine (so please do bear with me on the technical front!), but I am not new to the psychic world.

I have been reading for friends, family and clients from all walks of life for many years now. I do not see my clients as merely customers, I see them as friends, and I genuinely want what is best for them.

I have acaedmic degrees in the arts, communications and media, as well as having taken courses in mentoring, meditation and counselling. However, I think the greatest life experience I bring now to my readings is that of my own – like many others, I have loved and lost and been hurt. I understand what you are going through, I cannot claim to ‘fix it’, but I can help and guide you through it. When we are in the moment, full of emotion, it is difficult to see the bigger picture – that your life in fact will not be defined by this one moment of despair – and that where there is life, there is always hope. I can help you see the bigger picture, what your future holds.

Real and honest advice, completely judgement free, and absolutely no false promises. I’m here to help :)

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