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Psychic Reading to really get your juices flowing and back into the flow of YOUR life!


This is a psychic reading with a difference, some of my favourite feedback from one of my customers, is:‘this is not just a psychic reading, this is a Marks and Spencers psychic reading!’ (I do not have any affiliation to Marks and Spencers!) acknowleding the quality I am offering with my readings. You are a unique individual, and I will treat as such, tuning into the focus of pure love that you are held in to find your way forward, that feels good, really good. No matter what it is that you are looking for clarity on, we will find an answer together, it may not the one you currently want, but it will be one that supports you and takes you forward, much happier, clearer and more in your own power. When you understand how to feel good ‘inside’, regardless of what is going on around you, that is when you claim your power, and when life changes on the ‘outside’. It is powerful stuff, life giving in fact!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I am clairvoyant and clairsentient, an energy healer and intuitive counsellor, based in the UK. My focus is on spiritual coaching, healing, and empowerment. I always aim to leave you feeling uplifted and supported, regardless of query. I work with angels and spirit, enhancing my connection through crystals. I sometimes use tarot/oracle cards, but more as a way of seeing the overall picture and details rather than in a traditional tarot card reading. I also work with earth energies, candle magick and a lovely spiritual cocktail of energies and influences. I offer positive and friendly spiritual guidance as I receive it, to uplift you and bring clarity and blessings to you. I am continually amazed and delighted at how combining our energies with the beautiful powerful spiritual and angelic realms brings such joy, healing and empowerment to my clients.


I have studied and practised many different approaches to life, and to how to engage with the lightest, most inspirational, joyful and supportive energies of the universe, a golden frequency and energy. A combination of all who have gone before, and those you may call masters and angels. Those who are really interested in us, and who delight in us, flowing each new step to us, no matter what it is we are interested in creating, or in fact where we are right now, because that is who each of us is, explorer and creator. You are not here to save the world, or work back any wrongs, you are here to take life forward. We get ‘programmed’ by experiences and by others fears and doubts, and when you can take a step back and ‘retune’ into this frequency of love, joy, abundance, fun, and every other good feeling emotion, then life truly flows for you, and this is what I am here for you for, to help you to do this, so you can feel your power and your joy in your life again, clearer, happier, and on track with what feels good to you.

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