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My name is Stephanie and i am a professional psychic.I have been helping people worldwide with issues in their life for over 15 years.I offer advice and guidance in every aspect and walk of life including:love and relationship issues,marriage,soul mate solution,addiction,business,family or any other concerns you might have.I offer detailed information regarding past,present and future with pin point accuracy.I take a practical friendly approach in every session.My clients are my number one priorty and their concerns are my concerns and their satisfaction and peace of mind is my goal.I am a believer that if you are given all the facts about a certain situation,it is nearly impossible to make a wrong decision."

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I have attended numerous schools about Astrology and Psychics. Ive studied Tarot practices, Aura renewal and Chakra balancing, just to name a very few. I have traveled to many different parts of the world and I own 2 offices, I also help most other Psychics in the tri state area with there cases and clients.


Most people I meet ask me "Were you born with the gift of being a Psychic or did you have to go to schools and read books to tap into it?"

Well actually I was not born with it, and Although I did go to many different Astrological and Psychic schools I attended them after I already knew how sensitive i was to my Psychic abilities.

It started when I was 7 years old i was living in Miami FL at the time, I visited a friend who was having a birthday party at her parent’s home, I remember being around my friends and having fun like any other child would in the given situation. Suddenly everything slowly dimmed to complete darkness, the next thing I know I am laying in a hospital bed wearing an oxy gen mask and heart monitors. I remember feelings like every ounce of strength was taken from me, and it seemed nearly impossible just to move my hands. I later learned that I nearly drowned in the pool in my friends backyard. However I dont remember ever falling into the pool or struggling in anyway, I only remember bits and pieces of the party itself. The doctors said it was the struggle to stay above the water level that made me feel so weak and sore.

Over the next few weeks I started realizing that I was very sensitive to the lives of people around me. People would talk to me I would start seeing what would take place in the next 24 hours. At first it made me uncomfortible and I never told anyone about what I was seeing. As I got older I started to get more used to it and eventually told my mother about what had been going on. In the years that followed I started to enjoy giving advice to friends and family and like clockwork the things I predicted came to pass.Since then I have been sharing this gift with the world.

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