FRIENDLY- INTUITIVE- HONEST-NON_JUDGEMENTAL....I can see clearly the blocks in your path and will show you the ways to remove them. I will look deeply into your problems and together we will find the best possible solution..


I will heal , guide and motivate you towards the right path. Honesty may hurt you momentarily, but will have a long term benefit and will help you choose the correct path. I will give you truthful answers, based on my intuitive ability.I have been practicing in this field for years and have extended emotional healing to thousands of people across the world. it is ultimately one’s attempt to try and better another person’s life that has become the guiding principle behind my career mission.I was initiated on my chosen path by the great divine cosmic power and i believe that everything that happens has a reason.

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All of us at some point decide whether to take an action or not based on our fear of the outcome. At that point we fail to understand that the outcome is not only a result of our action itself, but also of our intention behind that action. When we carry out an action based on fear or when after the action we feel guilty, we create negative karma. For this action, we keep punishing ourselves directly or indirectly. Little do we realise that we always have a simple choice — to eradicate the guilt and fear.I am a psycho-analyst and a healer and have helped people in getting more clarity in their lives. The decisions that one has to take in their lives are confusing and upsetting and not really easy.I will be that person who will talk to you like a friend and adviser and help you take the path where it will be easy for you to take the right decisions.


I have the experience of about 23 years in this field and my experience and wisdom , along with my intuitive skills, help me get clarity which perhaps you might need.

Disclaimer: While clicking the ‘hire’ button you are agreeing that the reading is for entertainment purposes only. You must be 18 years or older to receive a reading. Your psychic consultation is subject to your own personal interpretation. I do not provide legal, psychological, medical, business, or financial advice. I do not predict pregnancies or the sex of a child. I make every effort provide helpful information to guide you, but cannot guarantee the results of particular outcome implied. Life is a flow of connected interactions, and the information provided is meant to be enlightened guidance not an absolute direction.

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