Cynthia Selena

Akashic Records readings! CONCERNED? CONFUSED? UNHAPPY? BLOCKED? NEED CLARITY? Guidance for all aspects of life: Personal, professional and spiritual advice. I help you see it and assist you to heal your life!


As a healer and intuit, I am very proficient at accessing your Akashic records, your Book of Life. In the field of Akasha, also known as the Fifth Element, all aspects of the soul are revealed for guidance, healing and shifting our awareness to a higher level of being. Instead of only having a small window into your life situation, let me give you a panoramic view through the reading of your soul records. Not only do I provide information but also an opening for releasing negative thoughts and energy from your life and body. Experience insight and healing right now! As a Reiki Master Teacher and meditation coach, I will guide you through a personalized meditation for peace and healing. Are you ready for revelations? Are you longing for peace? Could you use some skills for releasing stress and fear? Are you curious about your past lives and how they might be influencing your soul path this lifetime? I can give you information about deceased loved ones, your angels and spirit guides as well.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Reiki Master Teacher with over 17 years of experience providing Reiki treatments and attuning more than 800 Reiki practitioners including international students. Practitioner of many healing modalities, including The Reconnection, Pranic Healing, Crystal healing, deep soul clearings. Over 15 years of intuitive readings offered at Mind Body Spirit festivals, private readings, website and as a consultant to corporate leaders. I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, medium, clairsentient. Following in the sacred traditions of my Cherokee grandmother,I offer land and house blessings and clearing and conduct sacred site tours and Earth ceremonies.


Practicing healing arts opened me quickly to many psychic tools and profound teachings. Being sensitive to multiple dimensions has led me to fascinating experiences as messenger, healer, teacher. I am often called on to facilitate deep soul clearings, house and land clearings and entity removals from places and people. My many years of study and practice of mindfulness meditation deepened my intuitive abilities and passion for teaching mindfulness to others. Nature is a rapid portal to the Now and offers healing on many levels when we become still and quiet and open to connecting to our planet. I lead retreats of small and large groups to experience Oneness and a return to center. I am passionate about sharing this simple and natural way to unwind, release negative energy, commune with Source and give back to our planet with song, ceremony and gratitude. Through my own healing path, I discovered the power and beauty of working with crystals and gemstones, witnessing many remarkable shifts in people when using them in my healing practice with clients. In honoring and embracing my Native American roots I walk the shamanic path of honoring all life seen and unseen. Yes, I hug trees and talk to them too, ha. I teach classes in healing, divination, labyrinths, mindfulness, meditation for children and adults, sacred sites, channeling spirit guides and angels, house blessings and clearing, alien implants and entity attachments. Gratitude is the necessary attitude for manifesting your highest good and I have been so privileged to co-facilitate an Intenders circle for the last two years, based on the teachings of Tony Burroughs.

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