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I’m Real and very Honest in what I forsee. I am here to help you see the TRUTH. Reading since age 9. I am here to Guide you and show you the right path.My readings are Accurate and very fast. Im a naturally gifted Powerful Healer and I also do Soulmate Readings and Spirit Contact. I can tell you exactly how someone Feels for u and thinks. Come now!!!

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I have been practicing Energy healings and Remote healing techniques locally and Online, for Humans and Animals… I have always been able to communicate with my spirit guides from a very little age and they always help me heal and guide everyone in need.


=======================TRUE STORY about a PUPPY==========================

By nicolem

I want to tell you about my experience with facereadernow, but first I must tell you what happened to my adorable Saint Bernard; Murphy. On Tuesday evening he was outside playing, my fiance brought him in and called me downstairs, he informed me something was wrong with him. I started looking at him and he was just standing in our dining room shaking. I quickly dismissed anything was wrong with him by saying that he was probably just cold. I sat there staring at him and his hind legs fell to the floor and within the same minute his front legs gave out as well. I started to panic, because he couldn’t get up at all. I had my fiance carry him to the bathtub; still thinking he was cold and we ran the tub with warm water. We got him out within a few minutes and wrapped him in a blanket and he still wouldn’t get up. Michael, my fiance started calling our vet’s office and of course it was closed. I got online and started searching 24/7 vets. We live in a small city and the closest vet was 2 1/2 hours away. They told Michael it would be $85 for a check-up and if anything else was needed they could put us on a plan, so we took our kids to my brothers and me and my sister-in-law went to the vets office, they quickly informed us that whoever he had talked to misinformed us. They did a check-up to confirm it wasn’t bloat and gave him some "free" valium; then they said they thought he ate a poisonous plant and he needed surgery and that it would cost another $2000 and wouldn’t give us a payment plan. We have two young sons and don’t have that kind of money. They basically turned us away and told us there was nothing else they could do then. We took him back home and continued to watch the tremors get worse and worse; as I googled every plant and every poison to try to figure it out. After I found what I thought to be the cause (Water Hemlock); it said if he lived past the first 6 hours that he would have a good chance of survival. He progressed and after 2 days he seemed to stop convulsing and his breathing was regular. He could then eat and drink, but he was still paralyzed completely. On the third day he started lifting his head and on the fourth started scooting or sloshing across the floor. Last night was the fourth night and I was at my wits end, I was scared that he would never walk again. I got on Oranum as I use to get on often and found a lady named facereadernew. I asked her if she could help; I told her how desperate I was to help my dog. She told me that she could not do anything besides give me a healing tip. I did exactly what she had told me and everytime i tried to heal him, he would point to the place which pained him most with his nose… And I kept on doing it…now today the fifth day Murphy can stand and take a few steps at a time. He’s been doing it most of the day. I honestly want everyone to know how amazing, caring and loving facereadernew truly is. She gave me one simple tip and now my dog WALKING!

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